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Since 1938, Hellman's Tire Service in Gary, Indiana has been specializing in OTR, semi-truck, industrial and heavy equipment tires. We've been in the forefront of the heavy-duty tire industry and know the ins and outs of our and your fleet business. Call 219-885-7655

We provide customized solutions for your semi-trucks and heavy equipment requirements. Our large stockpile of tires is sourced from well-known suppliers and makers of heavy-duty tires. We only offer quality products that have passed stringent quality checks to ensure you're always safe on the road.
Excavation Truck - Commercial Tires in Gary, IN
We sell a variety of new, recapped and used commercial and industrial tires. Our products are for delivery, drop off or pick up. We provide onsite emergency services as well.

Hellman's Tire Service is the leading union commercial tire dealer servicing Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area and member of the Gary Chamber of Commerce. We provide assistance to other industries, even providing discounts for volume buyers.
Always online, we're ever ready to accept your next orders and follow up on your service requests. Call us today at 219-885-7655 or contact us for more information.